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Friday, January 28, 2011

Knoxville parents and PP clash over student presentation...

 This is just  the way Planned Parenthood likes parental knowledge and involvement.
Knox County teacher fails to send home a notice advising parents of a Planned Parenthood sex education talk. Student hears the presentation and is upset and tells her mother. The word abstinence is never mentioned in the talk. Mom and daughter go to website and see that the only thing about virginity mentioned is ways to lose it. Anyone who further examines their website outreach such as better be sitting down. As someone who used to do sex abuse investigations  as a part of my job, I was even shocked .
This mother along with other who are concerned are fighting to get PP out of schools.  Read the story.

"In class, it was definitely about how they never mentioned abstinence.  The word was never brought up at all," says student Alaynna McCormick.

"Unless a parent is willing to drop off their children at a Planned Parenthood office and leave them with them unattended for an hour, they ought to also not expect Planned Parenthood to have unfettered access behind closed doors in classrooms with their sons and daughters," said Paul Simoneau with the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville.

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