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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reporter apologizes for having to report on issues of women's health and abortion clinic regulations...calls lawmakers fixated!!

"Sorry to be spending so much time on this issue lately, but our lawmakers remain fixated" Eric Zorn Chicago Tribune...
 This is the line that caught my eye in a short piece  about  IL state legislature falling three  votes short in requiring abortion clinics meet the same regulations as other facilities that perform outpatient procedures. The Republican sponsor pulled the bill when it was apparent it would fall short of the required number. 

She stated that this was to ensure women's health but of course the opposition who cry the loudest about women's health did not want anything to interfere with the abortion industry's right to make a buck even if some health issues are glossed over. The reporter, Eric Zorn, gave a brief report of this and ended with the  apology seen above. 

Wow, sorry to waste your time on the issue of women's health Zorn and fellow readers.   Louise Slaughter shrieked  that Republicans just want to kill women...but in Chicago the health and welfare of women seeking abortions is of no concern apparently. You are safer getting your nails done than having abortions. My beautician has surprise drop in visit to make sure that she is in compliance but hands off the abortionist. Don't want to burden them with unnecessary regulations.  Indeed!

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