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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lawsuit claims newborn left without care as dr. decided he had no chance at life.....

Tennessean article reports that local dr. delivered a baby and failed to provide proper care for the baby determining without consultation that the baby boy had no chance at life.  Although he eventually survived, the lawsuit states he has brain damage.

"According to the lawsuit filed Wednesday against Dr. John W. O’Donnell III in Robertson County Circuit Court, Marlin was born early June 13, 2009, with irregular gasping breaths and heart rate, and a nurse noted that he “made a small cry at delivery and had movement of arms and legs.”
“The baby was fighting for his life and Dr. O’Donnell decided on his own — without any consultation from anyone else — that the baby had no chance of living,” the lawsuit states.
Marlin was put in a plastic bin and left on a counter “until the family could decide what to do with the body,” but a nurse who passed the area noticed he was gasping for breath a few hours later, according to the lawsuit.
Marlin received resuscitation therapy and was transferred from NorthCrest Medical Center in Springfield to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where he remained for three months receiving specialized care, according to the lawsuit."
While we are cautioned that this is an allegation at this point and there is no indication of an abortion attempt, it gave me a chilling reminder of the live birth abortions being done at Christ Hospital in IL that was exposed by  nurse, Jill Stanek, and her battle against the then State Senator Barack Obama who defended the practice of leaving babies who survived abortions on shelves to die.

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