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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mother Jones: Mind your own business ....and open your wallet...

Mother Jones tries to be clever with this suggestion. Women should knit  a vagina or womb and send it to the Congressman with a note to chastise or appreciate  depending on how they are voting for the 'pay for my contraception, abortion producing drugs and sterilization.' I wonder how many they will get. Despite giving instructions something tells me this is not a knitting crowd.
"The crochet patterns available so far include uterus and "happy uterus." For knitters, there's a vulva, a womb (pictured), felt cervixes, and (hey, why not?)—a "snatchel."

They have a list of messages to send with the products....not products of conception.... here is my personal favorite....."We do not need government interference with our doctors or our healthcare.

 Ummmm really???? I thought you wanted all of us  ( even the Church)to pay for your contraception, sterilization, abortions????  I guess it is shut up Church but open your wallet!!!
 Personally I like the womb better.


Anonymous said...

If you're referring to Sandra Fluke as a "woman who wants everyone including the Church to pay for contraception", you're misrepresenting her testimony. It's not for the GOVERNMENT to pay for contraception, it's in support of a law that mandates that employers and schools provide for contraception as part of their health insurance...which the recipient of said insurance pays for. Quit misrepresenting the argument.

Susie Allen said...

I am not misrepresenting any argument. When you choose to go to a religiously run school or work for a religious organization such as a charity or hospital, you are understanding that even if you do not personally shared their beliefs on this you abide by their doctrine in matters of conscience. Ms. Fluke choose a Jesuit run university, then complains that their health plan does not provide her free contraception, sterilization and/or abortion inducing drugs...which she claims as a right. Did she not know their stand on this issue? Was she smart enough to get into that school but not know that.
If I choose to work for a Seventh Day Adventist hospital can I demand they serve me bacon in the cafeteria free knowing their doctrinal teaching about eating pork.
This is a clear violation of religious freedom, conscience rights and the first amendment.