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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rep. Chris Smith to speak at upcoming Rally for Life-Nashville on January 19th

Rep. Chris Smith (R) NJ will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Rally for Life in Nashville sponsored by TN Right to Life. The event will take place on Saturday, January 19th on the steps of the Capitol in Nashville beginning at 2:00 PM.

I had the privilege of hearing him last year in Washington DC at the Rally for Life and he is truly a pro life  stalwart and has been for the past three decades. His involvement in pro life legislation has garnered  so many accolades including the prestigious 2012 Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award for his leadership on pro-life issues in the House of Representatives. He is also a strong advocate for ethical and non destructive stem cell research using adult stem cells and cord blood.

His concern for children and women extend to the born especially those with special needs and at risk for exploitation in countries around the world.  Hear the words of Charmaine Yoest, President  of Americans United for Life on the announcement of this honor named after the pro life hero, Henry J. Hyde. 

“Rep. Chris Smith will be recognized for his heroic defense of life during his tenure as a U.S. Congressman, including his fight to end taxpayer-funding of abortion, his steadfast leadership in working to safeguard the health and safety of women against the harmful effects of abortion, and for his courageous work to defend the human rights of all human beings both domestically and internationally,” 

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