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Thursday, April 9, 2015

TN: Knoxville abortionist compares abortion to a face lift....

Dr. Susan Dodd, abortionist from Knoxville TN took time away from her busy practice to come to Nashville on April 8th to lobby and testify against a bill for informed consent for women considering abortion. She feels that it is too cumbersome for the busy abortionist to meet with the patient and answer the questions about the irreversible procedure of abortion.

  Ed Albin of TN Right to Life was in the hearing room to listen to the lengthy debate over providing informed consent and establishing a 48 hour waiting period after the informed consent. He reports...

 "House Bill 0977 requiring informed consent and a 48-hour waiting period passes the House Health Committee by voice vote after lengthy debate! It will now move to House Calendar. Thanks to sponsors Reps. Matthew Hill and Debra Moody. This after Knoxville abortionist, Dr. Susan Dodd, testified that "abortions are safer than carrying a pregnancy" and compared having an abortion to a face lift and a colonoscopy."
 Her comments start around 2:23.

Photo: Vote No on 1TN campaign

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