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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Assisted suicide: We should stand on the side of life

"Quite a touching clip on why opposition to legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia is important. I don’t actually think you have to have any faith at all to relate. In matters of life and death, on the precautionary principle alone, we should stand on the side of life because our own understanding is always limited."
And this from the Euthanasia Prevention  Coalition

Peter Shumlin, the democrat candidate for Governor of Vermont was quoted by the Death with Dignity Action Fund as stating:
As Governor, I will strongly champion death with dignity legislation. I have been a sponsor of this legislation for multiple years and I have a track record of bringing people together to get tough things done. ...As Governor, I would make this a top priority and in my State of the State address would ask the legislature to ...pass it prior to adjournment in 2011.

Sorry to report that he won.

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