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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

George Bush: Visual learning experience shapes his pro life views

Story and photo from Huffington Post;
Post on this from pro abortion Huffington Post is pretty straightforward with not much editorializing. I summarized it with my comments...
In  his book tour to promote Decision Points, Former President George W. Bush tells us a story that happened when he was a teenager that shaped his pro life viewpoints. His mother had suffered a miscarriage and stored the remains in a jar to take to the hospital. She showed Bush ,then a teen,  the remains and he was stunned to see how formed the baby was at that stage and it hit him that this was indeed a human life, a brother or sister he would never meet. This had a profound impact on him at an early age that life should be respected. Bush would go on to be one of the most pro life presidents we had. It goes to show that we are visual learners and that impacted not only the individual but the eventually the nation . Mrs. Barbara Bush is often touted by the abortion supporters  as being pro choice. In this book he quotes his mother as saying that she hates abortion but could not make that decision for someone else.  This was her generation's way of compartmentalizing her thinking. She hates abortion but I don't want to tell you what to do. Not exactly pro abortion as they like to say.....why would she hate abortion and not choose it?  Probably because like her son she realizes  that it is the purposeful ending of a human life.

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