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Saturday, December 18, 2010

GA woman challenges state law forbidding assisted suicide

 Daily Caller  reports 43 year old woman in GA suffering from Huntington disease is challenging state  law that forbids assisted suicide. She tried to commit suicide in 2008 using methods espoused by Final Exit but was unsuccessful. She fears the suffering associated with the disease. What a sad story of her background including escaping a murder attempt, prior to diagnosis,  from her own mother who was convicted but then released on the grounds of insanity.

"Caldwell’s grandfather and uncle had it, and her mother grew so fearful in 1985 that her children would develop it that she shot and killed Caldwell’s 19-year-old brother and then tried to shoot Susan, who was then 18, but missed."

"She claims in the lawsuit that Georgia’s assisted suicide law is vague and unconstitutional. She contends it violates her free speech rights because it blocks her from seeking the advice of right-to-die groups."

Photo: AP/Caldwell family

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