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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TN: Nashville PP glad they lost their $335K was such a drain!!

Oh this is rich. The Tennessean pushes an article that makes you laugh. 

They profile a  28 yr.old college educated woman who works full time but comes to PP for her discounted/free birth control. She bemoans, along with the Tennessean,  that she will now have to go to the metro health dept. for the same services or pay more at PP. Shriek!!!!

PP, Jeff Teague, then says actually losing this funding is helpful to them and they had planned not to accept this anyway since it just is such a "drain" on them. Ya, right...that is why they spend big time lobbyist $$ fighting this tooth and nail. So he is just so sorry that women will now have to go to the Metro Health Dept. to get the same services instead of his place. His concern if for the women you see. Well then give up the abortion end of your business where the $$ is and run your place like a true non profit giving women health care services.  Hmmm...didn't think so.

He claims they had to dig into their educational budget to continue to fund the welcomed foot traffic that comes for free bc when the annual $335,000 grant ran out. Want to see an example of their wonderful educational services geared toward our teen and pre teen population. Go to ..." didn't even spew....Viewer warning. Hey but this is for the kids right? PP is proud that this won an award "2009 Webby Award" for cutting  interactive work. Ugh!! So if they are proud, let's put an example up. Proud Tennessean, proud PP!! This is just one of the PP proud videos...again viewer alert!!

I Didn't Spew by takecaredownthere

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I went to "Take Care Down There" and found that it presented the information in a clear and interesting manner.