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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Abortioneers blog support Duggars "choice"

The Abortioneer's Blog sticks up for the Duggars stating that if we are pro choice, we have to respect their choice. Good for them. They also do not go off too much about the photos of the deceased daughter at the funeral....too much. They don't like them mind you,  because they may make someone else feel shame over a miscarriage or abortion. Grieve over your miscarriage ....I get. Miscarriage and abortion are not the same thing. Abortion is intentional...miscarriage is not. The post is not mean spirited but there is a concern that the visual image of the daughter might trigger something......maybe that this is a baby...a real person...a human and that is damaging to the "abortion is no big deal"  crowd.

"And I fear how these photos will be used going forward. Anti-choice propaganda is rife with these sorts of images. Some, caring and gentle, like Michelle’s memorial photos, others, bloody and violent. I fear that these photos will go viral and will be used to further a message that I find to be so damaging to women in our society. I fear that someone, somewhere is going to see these triggering images, and feel pain or shame or guilt over her own miscarriage or abortion. I fear the a woman who is looking at her life and considering her choices is going to feel shamed into a choice she doesn’t want to make by these images. I worry about the harm that this image can, and likely will, do."
The photos are true. It is a human being, a boy or girl...if this causes someone considering abortion to make a different choice......that is good. The truth is always in good taste.  Certainly you would not want the woman to make such an important and life altering decision based upon a lie

It is not tacky to have photos or videos of a baby lost to miscarriage.....just like it is not tacky to view the remains of a deceased  loved one that is born. Those photos were  of the foot and is this tacky??It was done with taste. If the Duggars wished for these to be private, shame on the person who released them.

One of the more popular posts on this blog is of a child that born in TN  at 34 weeks gestation that lived just a short time. The funeral service was truly a celebration of life and beautiful. This picture is on their public Facebook page.


roddma said...

It is religious extremist who give pro-life a bad name. The Duggars should have known better than to pass out these photos. At least they could wait until after everything is over. I believe a private moment should not be for public view. I hope to goodness this isn't broadcast on TV but it likely will. It would be shame. There are more tasteful ways to remember the loss. The way the Duggars feel may not be what everyone else feels. I am pro-life myself and this crosses a line for me. They got a right to make the choice but I don't have to agree with them. The DUggars are Independent Baptist Fundamentalist who follow Bill Gothard who support Quiverfulll ideology. This is a fringe group who wants to enforce their way of life on everyone. Naturally I get peeved when I am told to respect their choice knowing what they stand for.

Marty said...

I'm reading the new Duggar's book, "A Love that Multiplies", and in it they state that they are NOT Quiverfull. They cite Wikipedia as the source of that common misconception.

Interesting, I think it is here on MDC in a forum that I first learned that they were. I know that Wikipedia is not completely reliable, but I believed it because it seemed to fit! I'm glad they cleared that up!

Susie Allen said...

I understand that the Duggars are conservative Baptists. Does this make them extreme? I have heard Michelle answer the question about trying to force their beliefs on others. They are not. This obviously is not for everyone but it is for them. They raise their family well so what is the beef? They have a family most would admire.
The way they choose to grieve the loss is up to them. In the old days when someone had a miscarriage people used to not discuss it thinking they were sparing the grieving parents the agony. I have since heard from many couples that the silence is very painful to them. They experienced a loss.
Their funeral was their expression of grief. The pictures were not gross at all. They were beautiful and meant to be private. They lost a daughter! As I stated in my post, the funeral I attended of a child lost later in the pregnancy had a video and photos of the family holding the baby. He was a person, a son, a brother. It was a celebration of his life short as it was.