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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Child of God - A poem for Isaiah

 As hoped, Heather and Craig posted on their facebook  the poem written by Heather and recited at the Celebration of Life for Isaiah so I feel comfortable sharing this with you.
Child of God

You are God's Child that He allowed us to shepherd and cherish for awhile.
Like Jesus- on loan to Earthly hands
You are the embodiment of love shared, dreams hoped, and faith fulfilled
Our arms are sinful, selfish, insufficient.
Though we hold you with the greatest of mortal love, we are human.  We fail.
Scraped knees- and broken hearts
Loss- and gain
Triumph- and failure
Try as we may, we cannot heal all wounds or prevent all pain.
So- with love greater than ours, God knew this and took you home.
No tears, no pain- only joy and the Glory of God to light your face.
Your precious face- illuminated with the light of Christ!
Though my arms ache to hold you-
How could I take you from this beauty- for my own fulfillment?
How could I begrudge the arms that made you- holding you safe in His care?
I thank Him for the moment He gave me.
You are not mine, you are God's child.
And in His great love- He shared you with me for a while.

Heather & Craig 2011
Isaiah Samuel Bitterling

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