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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Terry: will challenge Obama as a Democrat

 Well you have to hand it to flamboyant Randall Terry will announce that he will run for president on the Democratic ticket per this article in Politico.

"Randall Terry, who founded the group Operation Rescue and has been arrested numerous times for his aggressive approach to opposing abortion rights, plans to announce a primary challenge against Obama on Thursday outside the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington."
Terry is no longer a part of OR and knows how to gain attention for the cause. He has said he would do this to draw attention to what abortion does to babies and intends to show pictures of aborted babies. Will this help or hurt Obama? I can see it both ways. Showing aborted babies is hard to look at but the real question is if it is so terrible to look at why are we allowing it to occur? Flamboyant or offensive...Terry puts it in your face and now he intends to put it in Obama's face.

pix from Politco article

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