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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Essay contest winners....Robertson County, TN

Robertson County Right to Life announces winners in their Essay Contest for middle school students. Olivia Malham, 7th grade homeschooled daughter of Jason and Micki Malham of Cross Plains won first place and Abigail Hardin,  8th grade daughter of David and Kathy Hardin of White House won second place. Abigail is also homeschooled. The contest invited grades 6-8th graders to write an essay on the subject of Life.....the greatest gift of all. Cash prizes were awarded.

Robertson County Right to Life meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7PM at Crossroads Christian Bookstore on Main Street in Springfield. This is new date and location and invites all interested in advocating for the sanctity of human life to join them. For more information contact Susan Allen at 498-6492. The next meeting will be on January 5th.

L-R Olivia Malham, Susan Allen, President of Robertson County Right to Life, Abigail Hardin.

  This is the winning essay.....

Freedom of choice is something that sets the wonderful nation of America apart from others. People having the right to chose where they work, how they dress, how they worship, and what they enjoy to take part in makes our unique country thrive. But who draws the line between having freedom and one being free to do whatever he or she wants? Does the government have the authority to decide who lives and who dies?

 Abortion is considered to be carried out as a result of the pregnant woman’s choice. Instead of allowing a family who cannot bear children of their own to adopt the living baby within them, many women, end the life of the child out of selfishness and lack of respect for human life. Even though many may argue that it is the woman’s choice, abortion is wrong. 
 Life is a gift from God Himself. One without life is dead. A heart without a beating rhythm is dead. This is why our country holds the right to life. It is through life that things are accomplished, begun, and transformed. America, which once stood as the land of opportunity, freedom, and as one nation under God, has been drastically changed into a culture of death It is not the parent’s decision if the child lives or dies.   

     Only God has the authority to decide the final days of one’s existence. Innocence is something that this nation has done away with. People of all ages are pushed to do something they do not want to do, or have never thought of doing. By robbing those who are too young to stand up for themselves of their right to life, we are literally robbing from our nation’s future. The innocent, harmless, unborn lives within the womb should not be the target of our selfishness, irresponsibility, or pride.

Whether in the womb or not, the terrible act of abortion is murder because it is the slaying of a human life, which is a gift from God, and it should never be taken for granted.

Olivia Malham
7th grade
daughter of Jason and Micki Malham
Cross Plains

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