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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gaining a new perspective.....

Gaining A New Perspective
Abigail Hardin-8th grade-second place winner
     Life is a wonderful gift we need to save and preserve. Two years ago my family learned about a little girl named Karene, who lived in Armenia a country east of Turkey. She had Spina Bifida, a handicap that causes her to be paralyzed from the waist down. We decided that God was telling us to bring this girl into our family. We did all the paper work, background checks, passports, and visas needed for the adoption. We waited for over two years to obtain permission to depart for Armenia. Last winter we received word that Karene had been battling an infection since her fourth birthday in November. Finally in February we received word that she probably wasn’t going to make it. On February 28, my mother and I flew to Armenia to be with her in the last few minutes of her life. When we arrived at the hospital, we found Karene in a bare dirty little room. It also did not seem like a hospital room because she had no IV; no monitors, no vital signs taken, and no medications. Not only was there not a place to wash your hands we later learned that this entire medical facility had no hot water.
     Despite the inadequate medical care during her many surgeries, suffering from malnutrition, and a general lack of care or concern from the medical personnel, Karene held on to life . We spent the next two weeks finishing paper work to adopt. After that, we had over twenty-four hours of flight on a commercial airline before we arrived in America.
     Now, eight months later, three of those spent in Vanderbilt having eight surgeries Karene is flourishing in a new life with a new family.
     How is it possible that a child with so many disabilities survives coming so close to the brink of death?  God- Matt 10:29 says, “Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny; can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” If God know s when a sparrow falls to the ground wouldn’t he care more for a soul than a bird? Karene is God’s creation, regardless of her unwanted ness, no matter what her handicaps are she is a masterpiece of God. Life is precious because it’s a gift from God. He gave Karene life and when it would seem that it was over he gave it back again.

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