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Monday, December 19, 2011

Post abortive woman challenges abortion industry..... has a compelling first person story addressed to the abortion industry....which generated some negative comments from abortion supporters.

Lindsay Sherbondy  graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2004 with a degree in Visual Communications. Lindsay currently works as an artist & designer in Rockford, IL. This is her abortion story.

"You would not have told me that it is only tissue. You would not have told me it was only cells. If you, too, had taken Mifepristone and given birth to a six-week-old embryo, you would not have told me it was not yet a baby. You would have told me it had a brain and a heartbeat and was very much a child. You would know because you, like me, would have seen it. You would have held it and known immediately that what you just killed was, in fact, a baby… but by that time it would be too late to change your mind. You would have told me about the nightmares and the enormous sense of loss. You would have told me that my abortions would end any hope for my boyfriend and I to ever have a family together. And, because you care about me, I would like to think that if you had known, you would have told me that when your baby dies, a part of you dies right along with it. The choice to terminate the hope of one life actually terminates the hope of two, and no matter how hard I wanted things to go back to normal, they never would"

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