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Monday, December 19, 2011

Abortion industry filled with workers with secrets

The Abortion industry is confused and/or  schizophrenic  .....on the one hand, they want to be proud of their abortions  or at the very least de stigmatize it by calling it normal.  On the other hand those who "labor" in the field are secretive and do so anonymously. Why would they do that?  I suspect regardless of their brashness they are filled with shame and brokenness.
"When I worked at an abortion clinic I remember the days when we had down time and would open up to each other about our lives. We talked about things that probably don't get brought up in most work places. We shared stories of intimate partner violence, birth control failures, family stressors, masturbation techniques, drug use, and even our own abortions. There was an implicit understanding that we could trust each other and respect each other's experiences. I loved it, and I doubt I'll ever find at a job again."

They ask...

"What about as social workers or other direct service providers?"
I have worked as a social worker.  Most people are proud of their work either paid or volunteer. They take their children to work, talk about it at home. How sad to be a part of an industry that is filled with shame and regret. From those who have found the courage to come out of the industry, they acknowledge this shame. I pray for those who feel trapped in this industry. I pray for them to have the courage and support to walk away from the culture of death.

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