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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March for Life

Thanks to the nice people at KY Right to Life and many people of faith who chartered three buses to Washington DC and allowing a stowaway...I got to go to the March for Life for the first time. I always wanted to go and could not find anyone  that I could go along with so I always went to our Nashville version of March for Life which is also very good. 

But there is nothing like being a part of 400,000 people standing for the sanctity of human life. The march itself was not that long. The weather was rainy but it could have been worse and the standing still for the  speeches were not that bad either. I enjoyed people watching....and I saw something AMAZING.

I saw the CHURCH STAND UP. The crowd was huge, the youth were in splendid display and the church was very visible.  The crowd was civil and polite and  tidy especially considering the rain and mud. Signs that were disposed were done so in trash barrels.  I did not see any protesters and no indication of the Occupy Wall Streets squatters.

Perhaps I was just imagining I was in DC for this event because.....looking for news reports on this largest annual march you find the following:

Bob Smietana who writes for the Tennessean and USA Today said that  thousands were there. in 400 thousand? He did profile some pro life students from Hendersonville TN who attended but in true liberal fashion referred to them as anti abortion as opposed to pro life. That is part of the MSM PC speech book. 

NY Times ignored the event as it has for the  the past five years. Washington Post posted a brief mention in the online version and opinion page that made it seem like small potatoes and had more concern for what streets would be closed off.  Broadcast news outlets also passed on reporting for this event. Maybe this is why people lack trust for the MSM.

Here is a first person report ......... large crowd........more youth....the Church stood up.....FOR LIFE.

Picture:Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

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