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Monday, January 30, 2012

Miami clinic Trusts women to be deceived on abortion and weight loss product

Secular Pro Life uncovers just how much this abortion mill trusts women. They obviously trust that they can be duped....will their new ad slogan become trim and kill. I wonder if they sell up as in after you abort your offspring, want to get skinny. Maybe they will offer buy one get one half price. 

Update: Here is some more information from the FDA regarding off-label prescription use of HCG.  (It is not clear whether Women & Teens is using "homeopathic" HCG, which is banned outright, or simply using prescription HCG in an unapproved manner.)
Despite the medical consensus that HCG does not help people lose weight, Women & Teens Medical Center is openly offering this pseudo-scientific weight loss treatment in the current (January 26) edition of the Miami New Times.
The advertisement as it currently appears in the
online edition of the Miami New Times
Women & Teens Medical Center also advertises the "termination pill," by which they presumably mean the dangerous early-term abortion pill RU-486. According to their website, they also perform abortions surgically.

Women & Teens Medical Center is using deceptive advertising by selling HCG as a weight loss aid and claiming that it is "the most effective."  This is just one of a long string of cases that show abortion centers putting profit over women's health.

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