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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RH Reality deletes post pointing out errors in article but keeps article posted....

Robin Marty:pix from RH Reality Check

 After one day of this post....I wrote the following comment to RH Reality Check to advise them of their stayed up all of five minutes before it was deleted....but the erroneous post remains? Hey, Robin  anyone can make a mistake and obviously your people in TN gave you bad why not accept the correction instead of deleting the corrections and keeping the erroneous post up there.

First you had the wrong pix up of Ed Henry and even a day later you post he comes from TN when he comes from AL. Thanks for the fodder. That was just the beginning of your erroneous reporting in that article. Henry said they decided on the abortion together but as the father to the child he places most of the responsibility on himself because a father is to protect the child not help kill the child. My how you hate those who regret their abortions.

Your whole paragraph about TN laws is wrong but hey what the heck the who post is wrong from the pix to the state. TN already has an anti coercion law. Do you hate the laws that say that a woman cannot be coerced into abortions? Guess so...brings business down for the for profit abortion industry. And you don't want docs who do abortions to meet the standards of admitting privileges??? Another what the heck...when there are complications, there are always taxis to carry the injured woman to the nearest hospital so the doc who cannot meet the hospital standards can go on to the next victim. Time is money you know.

And SJR 127 is needed in order to be able to return to law the regulations that were voted into place by a bi partisan legislature like informed consent, waiting periods and that late term abortions be done in hospitals as opposed to unlicensed uninspected and unregulated abortion mills. Again, that goes to the concern for both women and pre born children but obviously against the grain of the abortion industry as it was  Planned Parenthood that sued the state to take them away. But I realize that it is the designated spin that the for profit abortion industry plans to use.
But enjoyed your fact checking free column of yesterday. Hey, did Ed Henry the news man call to complain??
Folks you can always come here to get the facts ?????? Not really with  wrong pix, wrong state, spin, wrong facts. Good job.

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