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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pro Life Blog Buzz 9-7-12

 from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Carla from Operation Outcry Wisconsin posts a beautiful letter to her daughter, Aubrey, who died in her abortion 22 years ago.
  • Stand True reports on the verbal attack an 11-year-old girl received from women’s rights activists (including an anti-porn, pro-abortion blogger) while praying against abortion in front of the Democratic National Convention.

  • University of Michigan Students for Life links to the story of a how a LIFE band and a “God-incidence” in the Wal-Mart parking lot saved a child’s life from abortion. Amazing!
  • ProLife NZ points out the hypocrisy of those who support the Paralympics while also supporting abortion as an acceptable alternative to parenting a child with disabilities. They complain about the treatment of the disabled following birth, never realizing that their dehumanizing characterization of them prior to birth helps frame that treatment.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic writes a powerful post about how we can learn from those with disabilities, including Garvan Byrne, who was “terminally ill and handicapped from birth,” but “remained hopeful and optimistic, finding peace and meaning in life that most healthy, able-bodied adults have never seen.” According to Garvan, “I don’t think it matters how handicapped you are or how sick. You always succeed in something. God gave us each a gift.” He passed away at age 12 in 1985.
  • Pro-Life Action League has over 90 cities lined up to participate in the next Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally. Opposition to the HHS Mandate continues to grow. If your city isn’t on the list, organize a rally with the help of PLAL.

  • At Moral Outcry, Ellie Saul shares her heartbreak upon learning that despite celebrating the “sanctity of life,” her church believes that sometimes, abortion is acceptable:
    Surely I’m the only one who heard that as a group of people, on the record, with our tiny feet pins, we believe it’s ok to murder a baby in the womb when conditions are grave or after a medical or religious consultation.
    After service my husband asked a leader whom we admired and he said that he agrees with the amendment. I was still crying. This same person said that I had such a “tender heart” and that was so good for the body. As if to say it was just cheek-pinching cute that this sweet girl is really sad that we just told her its ok to kill babies….
    I believe that the body of Jesus always chooses life under every circumstance.
    We may not choose the circumstance, but we choose LIFE. We don’t agree with the enemy even if a doctor, religious leader, or grave circumstance recommends it….
    I’m not saying that you can’t belong to the body of Jesus if you belong to a congregation that believes something contrary to what Jesus teaches. I am saying that just because you go to church somewhere and believe by default whatever that body believes, does not automatically mean that you really are in agreement with God’s word.
  • My Drop in the Ocean features a video of a Tennessee family who made the right choice when faced with a poor prenatal diagnosis:

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