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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pro Life Blog Buzz Outakes

The Leading Edge  brings us insight into an alarming trend....the resurgence of eugenics. If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. 
"...from an academic who is suggesting that we could learn something from the Nazi eugenics programme, to another who has stated that it could be a “moral obligation” and that it will breed “ethically better” human beings."

MN Concerned for Life analyses President Obama pitch to we the people and asks who he includes in the we.
"His is one of exclusion, discrimination, and the use of violence against the most innocent and defenseless in order to get what we want for ourselves. His opponents, Mitt Romney and Ryan, embrace a position of inclusion, equality, and respect and protection for every human being simply because they, like you and me, are human.

utterly important question -- who are "We the People"? -- is a big part of what is at stake in the November election." 
Albert Mohler tells us that our vote in the presidential election reveals your true worldview.
"This is particularly true of the 2012 election. The presidential nominees of the two major parties represent two very different worldviews and visions. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have adopted policy positions that place them in direct conflict, and the platforms of their respective parties reveal two radically different renderings of reality."

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