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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Red State volunteers needed to help in swing states

What are you doing  the first four weekends in October that is more important than saving our country?
Many residents of red states are helping out in the key swing states. We  are traveling to VA on these weekends to help in door knocking in targeted undecided doors to tell them why voting for Romney/Ryan is so important that we traveled from TN to urge you to do the same.
ALL EXPENSES ARE PAID.  Due to some generous VA citizens they are paying for our food, lodging and gas. We car pool, van pool, motorcycle pool or drive individually;what ever suits you. We leave Friday afternoon and spend all day Saturday door knocking in teams. We return early Sunday so we are home around noon. Come and join us!    Go to and sign up to walk with us. Or if you wish, contact me via comments.
Can't walk but want to help??? You can write hand write postcards to individuals telling why you are asking for their vote for Romney/Ryan. They have sample scripts to give you ideas but from the heart and personal is preferred. Contact me via comments if you want more information on this. 

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