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Friday, June 7, 2013

Amy Richards: It's all about selective reduction is no big deal...

Amy Richards, founder of radical pro-abortion Third Wave Foundation posts this "in your face video" in which she casually discusses her abortions as those she was discussing a recipe for chicken casserole.

She  got pregnant at 19 and had an abortion, then at 33 in a planned pregnancy was shocked to find out she was pregnant with triplets. Without a blink of an eye she asks can't we just get rid of one of them. She then remarks that she had never heard of selective reduction even though she thinks herself obviously intelligent and well schooled in the world of radical feminism. 

Of course being very narcissistic, she writes about her experience. She notes that she had some blow back from the sisterhood of radical feminists who call her out on casual portrayal  of her experience. Doesn't she know she is supposed to come off as more sympathetic and sad??  But Ms. Richards says  that at the end of the day  all that matters  is that it is MY decision.  She doesn't even mention the father of the child being 'selected' to be destroyed to lighten her burden.

My sympathies to her children cause it is all about her...


Suzanne F. said...

So if you don't have a college're oppressed? Cripes, the feminist privileged mentality...

Anonymous said...

I just learned of what Amy Richards did to two of her triplets. I`ve never had a terrible reaction before on abortion, even when hearing about late term abortions, even thou I hate the thought. But when I heard of this, I almost got sick in an instant.
Never-mind what appears to be a terribly large selfish act in my opinion, a bad idea for birth control and in alot of eyes; abortion is never good. I had always thought when an abortion happens, the person that was aborted will have no grown memory and thus---- I don`t know?? I guess its acceptable or humane?? But here we have a case of a person who will develop grown memory and learn of what had happen to them before birth and to their complete horror, what had happened to their twin siblings.

I don`t care how you raise that child, what you tell them as they grow to basically convince them that its actually ok that your twin siblings were killed, but we kept you my dear. What a way to grow up. What confusion's, complications, feelings, contemplations, questions, this person will be left with to think about late nights in their bed all by themselves, all by themselves.

Not, what games to play with their class mates, or I really like that person, I have a crush, or are my grades good, but simply rather, I wonder what they would have been like, what would we have done together, I think I wish they were here, is that ok that I think that? I think I miss them????

What subconscious psychological problems will this chosen person have? What will be fair to say is their fault ultimately in some of there life choices??
If they are ok at 5, I wonder about 10. If they are ok at 10, what about 16? what about 25 and 55. Their feelings all life long will be affected.

Once Ms. Richards has passed away late in life, but her chosen child is still alive, is it still fair at this point that it was Ms Richardson`s choice to abort or not? How can it be, she is dead. Those kids should have been alive along with their chosen twin.

I`m undecided about abortion as a whole, but this makes me sick.

Someone please convince me this was ok, and will be ok the next time it happens, so I can sleep tonight.