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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FL: Woman tricked into abortion by chemical abortion by boyfriend...he gets 13 yrs in prison

Horrible news reported by  The Tampa Tribune of trickery and the loss of life. 

Remee Jo Lee was tricked by John Andrew Welden, her boyfriend of seven months, into a chemical abortion. She was excited about the pregnancy and but he did not want her to carry his child to term. 

His father was an OB and he took his pregnant girlfriend in for a check up. The dr. drew blood at this visit. The very next day, the boyfriend told her that her blood work showed that she had a bacterial infection and he had an antibiotic for her. Her later said he forged the script for the abortion producing pills. He confessed to her his trickery at the hospital.

He was sentenced to approximately 14 years in prison and pay restitution of $28,000.
Lee said she bled for a month. “This wasn’t just a case to me,” she told the judge. “This was the death of my child.”

The former girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, urged U.S. District Judge Richard Al Lazzara to show “the same amount of mercy that he showed me during my pregnancy.”


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