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Friday, January 31, 2014

Local TN papers publish same misleading News Item on Amendment One

The Lebanon Democrat  and Portland Leader published the same news item  that is disappointingly one sided and misleading piece of propaganda. I would have hoped they would have attempted to ask proponents of Yes On One for a quote or two.  The only person they quoted is the Executive Director of an abortion facility in Memphis.
The writer tries to insinuate that abortion will be outlawed with the passing of this amendment which is not true. The writer thinks it is inappropriate for abortion regulations to be set by  our  elected legislators . It is entirely appropriate for them to pass commonsense regulations around abortion. That is what we elect them to do. If we are displeased with their actions we have the remedy of voting them out of office.

Instead four unelected judges , in September of 2000,  decided for 6 million citizens that our state constitution has a fundamental right to abortion. That decision wiped out informed consent, waiting periods, mandatory inspection of abortion facilities, requirement that late term abortions be done in hospital settings.  These were  laws voted into place by our elected bi partisan legislators that reflected the will of the people.
Even those favoring abortions should welcome regulations to protect the health and welfare of the women! Tell me how mandatory inspections of abortion facilities by our health dept. makes abortion less safe?
You must ask yourself why those who profit from abortion would fight all the way to the state supreme court to have commonsense regulations thrown out. The answer is pretty simple.
Vote Yes on One to return to the people the right to make laws. Our state constitution is neutral on the issue of abortion.  Our laws should reflect the will of the people!
Let's let our newspaper editors know how disappointed we are in them?

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