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Monday, February 3, 2014

Does questioner at Super Bowl interview need to worry about what is next for her ???

Does Kathy LeMaster have to go into the witness protection program? Is she safe in CA?  Time to clear out her computer history  and texts... she certainly should make certain her receipts are in order...get ready for that  audit.

I listened to OReilly interview the president prior to the Super Bowl. He saved one question toward the end from a viewer.....Kathy Lemaster from Fresno, CA

A local station interviewed her and here are some highlights...

"The question was heartfelt, and I would lay in bed at night thinking if I could ask the President... why are you trying to change what worked for you?" She says.Lemaster is retired from the Fresno County District Attorney's Office, after working there for more than 30 years.She now spends her days at home with family, and teaches Sunday School."I no longer recognize the country I grew up in, and that's why I wanted to ask why he was doing that," says Lemaster, who was critical of, what she calls, President Obama's liberal policies.She says those policies, don't represent her values."The country was founded on our Lord and Savior, and as we depart further and further and we're kicking him out more and more, our country is going further downhill."We're all depending on him not to trash this place. But I feel like it's being vandalized," she says.

So what do you think? Dear Kathy....get those files in order but bless you dear...... 

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