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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Video from DOH testimony... no licensing requirement for abortion facilites in TN

 The battle lines are heating up in TN. In November there will be a amendment on the ballot known as Amendment One. This seeks to restore to the people of Tennessee the right to once again the  right to speak through their elected legislators and put regulations around abortion.

 Planned Parenthood and the ACLU had sued the state to remove the restrictions, such as informed consent, waiting periods, and requiring later term abortions to be done in hospital settings. Based on the precedent an abortionist who operates two facilities in Tennessee went to court  and successfully sued to strike down the requirement that abortion facilities be licensed as other sane day surgery centers and submit to annual inspections. As a result, half of those businesses in Tennessee which advertise and provide abortion services, are not licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health.

In the PR battle, abortion facilities are claiming this is not true but thanks to the filming of our General Assembly committee meetings as well as sessions, citizens have the opportunity to hear it for themselves.

State Representative  Dr. Joey Hensley, is asking a simple question of the representative from the Department of Health testifying on the issue.

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