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Monday, October 13, 2014

TN: leading pro abortion ad won't say the A word.....their brand is so toxic

Vote No on One campaign in TN features an abortion supporting  doctor who talks  about a woman finding  out she was pregnant the same day she found out her cancer returned. The woman choose to fight the cancer and continue the pregnancy. The result was that the baby lived and she died.  These are the facts. Anyone who has battled cancer understands that sometimes the treatment does not save their life. She is trying to suggest that not having an abortion contributed to her demise. She  did pursue cancer treatments. If that was indeed a fact, she would have led with it.

 "It was her decision and no one else's" says the doc. Viewers think this is a pro life ad.  Not so fast... the abortion supporting doctor says the following...."no politician has the right to legislate these personal and private decisions." She further goes on to say that to support amendment one makes no exceptions for awful things that can happen during pregnancy. FALSE,FALSE,FALSE ...abortion was legal to save the mother's life even before 1973.

Notice what word is missing?? ABORTION !!  They are obviously not comfortable with their own branding. The word itself is toxic!  They cleverly parse their words to suggest that abortion could be banned to save the life of the mother if the amendment passes. Abortion is legal due to federal law regardless of the reason or stage of pregnancy. They know that, but the purpose of this ad is to  scare and confuse.

This campaign is depending heavily on out of state funding from ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The abortion industry brags about  their 2000  victory in Tennessee.....saying look what we were able to do in the buckle of the Bible belt... eliminating all meaningful regulations around abortion at any stage for any reason.

 Yes on One ,the pro life amendment  points out that TN ranks as the 3rd state in our nation for women coming for abortions from out of state. This is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  We are the abortion mecca of the southeast! This is the outcome of Planned Parenthood's   2000 lawsuit against the  citizens of TN.  Gone is informed consent, waiting periods and the requirement that later term abortions be done in hospital settings. This lawsuit further emboldened an abortionist to sue to remove the requirement that abortion facilities had to meet the minimum standards of other same day surgery centers.

Let's notice the wording of the Yes ad....while  the No ad  features an abortion supporting doctor, the  Yes ad  features people,deals with facts and is not afraid to say the A word.

Vote Yes on One! Restore to the people their voice !

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