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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TN: Pro life amendment wins at ballot box so abortion supporters file suit in federal court to void results...

Once again, what the abortion industry could not achieve at the ballot box, they seek to achieve using the unelected judiciary.   Planned Parenthood is smarting over the fact that the power of the pulpit and grassroots activism rose to the challenge, despite being outspent nearly 3-1, endorsements of all four major newspapers , and some Hollywood celebrities to pass a pro-life amendment on November 4 th.
Following a clear defeat when Amendment 1 passed 53%-47% in Tennessee, Planned Parenthood board members and supporters filed a lawsuit  in federal court with to have the election results thrown out.   They basically want each vote hand counted, and thrown out if they voted yes on one and skipped voting in the Governor’s race. They further ask that if that is not possible, to have the election results voided and another election held.
Four amendments were on the ballot in November and they all passed. But this is the one that the abortion industry is focused on, as it is clearly driven by passion for unbridled abortion profits and not any constitutional principle.
State officials have called the lawsuit absurd, but note that the plaintiffs have filed a federal lawsuit, hoping for a more liberal audience. Planned Parenthood officials are not officially commenting, denying any connection with the suit, despite the fact that the lead plaintiff starred in one of their commercials that was named as the most dishonest of the season and is their Chair of their Board in Nashville. This is a point most media reports have ignored.  Already, Op Eds are appearing, supporting this suit from news outlets that endorsed them and clearly have egg on their face for their lack of influence.
Yes on 1 have responded to the suit, showing that even if you manage to weed out those who declined to vote in the governor’s race, the amendment still would enjoy nearly 20,000  yes votes, enough to pass.
David Fowler, an attorney and one of the members of the coalition for Yes on 1 suggested that the state Attorney General should seek sanctions against them for this specious lawsuit.
Jeff Teague, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, acknowledged in a post mortem that Tennessee is a pro-life state; however it is clear that they are willing to thwart the will of the people to protect their profits.

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