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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Governor Haslam signs three pro life bills into law showcasing grassroots victory over abortion industry $$$

Tennesseans scored a huge victory last November when they voted to change the state constitution to correct an egregious decision by the state Supreme Court in September of 2000 that found a right to abortion in our state constitution, thus negating the  enforcement of bills previously  passed  to regulate abortion.

Despite being outspent 4-1 by the abortion industry and their allies from out of state, the tenacity of the grassroots paid off.  Yesterday, Governor Haslam signed into law three bills that were recently passed by the state legislature mandating informed consent, 48 hour waiting period, and my personal favorite, that all abortion facilities must be inspected and meet the same standards as other same day surgery centers.

What a victory for all Tennesseans.  Other states are certainly taking notice as the abortion industry  has consistently used the courts to accomplish what they could not at the ballot box. It took 15 long years, but the persistence of grassroots that also changed the legislature to a solid pro life majority was also key.

Victory was sweet, but the celebration lasts for a short time and the culture of death is angry. They are now attacking the vulnerable by trying to advance physician assisted suicide in our state.

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