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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Notre Dame fires administrator who attended counter rally at Obama speech....principle over politics does not survive at ND

What a sad state of affairs at Notre Dame. The internet is a buzz with the news of the dismissal of Bill Kirk, Associate Vice President for Residence Life at Notre Dame . This article gives the background.  The articles strongly suggest that Kirk is being penalized because he dared to stand for principle as he was the only senior administrator who stood with the students at the counter rally on the South Quad in opposition to having  the most pro abortion president give the commencement address. His wife Elizabeth was  active as well as the faculty leader of the campus Right to Life Club. Bill and Elizabeth have two toddlers who joined their family by adoption and they were in the process of adopting their third when this "restructure" happened.

The comments take ND to task.....
 Sorry. Notre Dame is no longer Our Lady's university. It lost that distinction when it attacked defenders of life while lauding an architect of death. A university that was truly Catholic would not do that. It's time for ND to change it's name to something else, perhaps Apostate University.
Can ND be shamed. I am beginning to doubt it.

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