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Friday, October 15, 2010

NYC to PRC's...I don't care what you do, disclose what you don't do!

Soapbox Five posts a good point about the NYC attacks on pregnancy resource centers being forced to disclose services not provided.... they make a great point.
More on the assault against pregnancy resource centers comes from NYC, abortion capital USA. Two female NYC City Council members are trying to force pro-life pregnancy centers to post signage stating what services they do NOT provide. Try this with any other business or social service, and you'd probably be viewed as some sort of nut. (Sorry, we do not serve sushi at this Mexican restaurant. Sorry, we do not sell Nikes in this Adidas store.)
Over at Secular Pro Life they got into the humor by poking fun of the absurdity of this with  this photo shopped sign posted online by a reader.

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