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Friday, October 15, 2010

Radical pro abort Boxer will attempt to paint Florina as the radical in final weeks.

Senator Barbara Boxer in CA is showing that abortion is not only a plank in the Dem is THE whole platform! This article from Politico tells us that no one can "out abortion"  Boxer and she will hammer that home in the final weeks. as the race tightens. So the most radical pro abortion pol who has famously said a baby has no rights until the parents decided to take the baby home will shower the airways with ads that paint her opponent as the radical.

Well, I personally am pro-life," Fiorina said Monday on CNN's Situation Room. "And I know that not all women agree with me. But it is Barbara Boxer who is extreme in her views here. She supports partial-birth abortion. She says that babies don't have rights until they leave hospitals."

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