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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TN Fusion Center lists ACLU as suspicious

 The Tennessean had a brief article today about the ACLU's  letter to school officials warning against singing Christmas carols and having Christmas celebrations stating that it would not be inclusive to those who do not celebrate this federal holiday. In fact  national TV spoke of this and  two lawyers agreed that the letter was implied threat to the school districts. I wrote about it here. Now our TN Fusion Center is  trying to explain the the ACLU why they are on a "suspicious list."  This put them up in arms and they demand an explanation. Well if pro lifers are on some watch list why not them?

Well Judson Phillips had a little fun with this on his blog.

"Tennessee has something called the Tennessee Fusion Center.  The purpose of the center is to help state agencies pool data and analyze information about possible terror attacks.
The Tennessee Fusion Center listed the American Civil Liberties Union Chapter of Tennessee on its Internet map, listing it under “Terrorism and other suspicious activities.
Anyone has been on the receiving end of the ALCU’s jackbooted assaults on American freedoms, they might well agree with the assessment.
The ACLU, of course, immediately went nuts.   To their executive director, the listing was deeply disturbing.

Personally, I think it is very accurate.

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