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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update: Boyle in Nashville instead of hearing......Hearing set for dr. who flashed gun at 40 Days for Life prayer vigil ......runs abortion mills in TN and SC

Update: Thursday, January 13, where is the good dr. right now when he is supposed to be at his preliminary hearing in Charleston SC????? Where's Gary...prayer advocates report that he is at his Nashville abortion facility  on Welshwood  at the  time of his reported hearing in South Carolina. Reporter in SC reports that the hearing was continued.....Boyle is a busy man don't you know.

 Hearing is set for tomorrow for the dr. who flashed a gun at  the 40 Days for Life people doing a prayer vigil in front of his abortion mill in Charleston SC. We have written about him before here and here. This is the dr. who runs abortion mills in TN and SC and has been in trouble with the law in the past. Although MSM like to portray the people on the public sidewalk outside his clinics as protesters, they actually were peaceful law abiding people praying for 40 Days for Life. Of course many see prayers as being a dangerous  thing as in watch that lady, she is holding a rosary in her hands...
Pix above is the Women's Center in of the most notorious abortion mills he owns. 
He got into a scrape with the law with this mill for operating without a required certificate of need from the Health Dept. The Health Dept. attempted to shut them down but with the liberal judges and ACLU he is still in business there he is up and running as a judge ruled that to make him abide by the rules other ambulatory surgical treatment centers do is a violation of a woman's right to privacy.

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