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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Notre Dame installs trustee who supports pro abortion groups with her $$

Here we go again. Notre Dame installs a new trustee [Roxanne M. Martino]... " a CEO of an investment firm managing billions of dollars whose stock in trade is knowing all there is to  know about everything it touches?”  

However, this new trustee has a record on contributing to radical pro abortion groups such as Emily's List  and Chicago Foundation for Women.  ND says  these are innocent mistakes and she did not understand their ties to abortion. Either she is lying or incompetent. Would you want her managing your affairs?

Here is what the Chicago Foundation supported during her contribution years...
“During those years, the Chicago Foundation for Women made grants to the Chicago Abortion Fund, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, the ACLU Reproductive Rights Project, and Black Women for Reproductive Justice,” CNS reports. “The Foundation’s website also notes that it supports the Illinois Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access, which seeks “to organize around the advancement of a broad pro-active, pro-choice agenda.”
And of Emily's List... "requires candidates it supports to back partial-birth abortions and taxpayer funding of abortions."

 Shame on Notre Dame.

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