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Saturday, June 4, 2011

States not afraid of the big bad Federal Govt.....

Okay, packing....getting on the plane but a few stories caught my eye  this AM...LA is pursuing legislation that bans all abortions except those to save the life of the mother. It would also bar the Louisiana Medicaid program from covering any abortion. Feminists are shrieking...what about rape and incest, their old mantra knowing full well these are the rare cases making up less than 1% but is a good rallying cry. It is a personhood bill and is being debated on the House floor on Monday. What I find interesting that the abortion industry friendlies  are openly worrying that it is a direct challenge to Roe and if they sue, it may end up with the Supremes overturning Roe. What to do....allow a state to ban abortion?? What I find interesting is that states are not cowered by the Feds anymore. IN standing up to the pro abortion administration on giving $$ to PP and LA doing the same with medicaid $$. 

I thought Roe was "settled" law and the people have accepted abortion. I guess that spin did not work. Feministing has it's usual replies and rants in the comments section but here is an interesting one from Davenj
"In a twisted way it does make sense. I never understood the ideology of folks who think abortion is murder, but make exceptions for rape or incest. If you truly believe that it’s murder then you can’t condone it under any circumstances, except possibly the “double effect” principle.
As is, I think it shows the dangerousness of being anti-choice, but at least it’s logical."
Yikes, Feministing had better get to him/her...for making some sense in the first part. If abortion takes  the life of an innocent human being than under what circumstances is it acceptable.  Although he/she does not agree sees the logic...

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