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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TN: Gov. Haslam can use his line item veto to defund PP....will he??

 Texas Governor Rick Perry is holding a special session to resolve the wording problem in their budget to defund Planned Parenthood and direct the Title X monies to other sources such as public health depts. and other entities that do not also perform  abortions. I commend Gov. Perry for doing this.
Now in TN, our Gov. Bill Haslam ran on a strong pro life platform and  said during the campaign that he  would defund  Planned Parenthood.
"I guess the big question is what is meant by family planning," Haslam responded. "If it's having Planned Parenthood run it out of state dollars, I would not be in favor of that. I would not be in favor of state dollars going to abortion, either. Are there other things that we can do to help on this very serious issue in Tennessee? You bet."
Candidate Bill Haslam, Speaking to TN Economic Council on Women
October 19, 2010

Gov. Haslam does not have to go to the expense of calling a special session to resolve this. He has the line item veto  to fix this and do what the General Assembly clearly intended and what the people of TN, absent the abortion industry, wants.  Timing is important here and I encourage you to take the time TODAY to email the Gov. and call his office and respectfully ask him to keep his campaign promise and defund PP with his line item veto. If you have done this before, please do it again TODAY.
Don't be fooled by the editorials and printed opinions of those who  rely upon the lucrative abortion industry.....when we pay tax money to PP it is the money in the operating budget that pays the rent, utilities, salaries and benefits of those who perform abortion and non abortion services. 
Just think about it....there is no logical way that money can be segregated. As former PP director, Abby Johnson stated they rely upon the tax money.  

This is all about our two counties.... Davidson (Nashville) and Shelby(Memphis) whose  Health Depts. say they pass on the Title X money to PP because they lack the capacity to perform the services. Well interesting that Hamilton (Chattanooga) and Knox(Knoxville) manage to do this. They can staff up and the Director in Nashville even  stated on NPR radio that they would step up and perform necessary services if this legislation  passed. 

Please take two minutes and make the call and send the email and pass on to your pro life friends....

Office of Governor Bill Haslam
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville,  TN   37243
(615) 741-2001

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