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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dems have split choice on abortion but anti choice about the rest of your decisions

 Great editorial.....pointing out the Dems are sooooo pro choice when it comes to abortion but other than that they are sooooo anti choice.....

Almost unanimously, Washington Democrats call themselves "pro-choice." "I support a woman's right to choose!" they thunder. "Choice," of course, means abortion, and that is where the Democrats' passion for choice starts and stops.
If a woman chooses to kill the young American in her womb, nearly every Democrat in Washington, D.C. will fight for her like Army Rangers on Normandy Beach. But if a woman desires almost any other choice, Democrats impersonate the Great Wall of China.


Anonymous said...

"But if a woman desires almost any other choice, Democrats impersonate the Great Wall of China"

Oh really? Can you even give any example, let alone support the claim about "almost any other choice"??????

Oh, and fyi Susie, pro-choice does not simply mean they right to choose abortion. It means the right to choose abortion, adoption or raising the baby oneself. The only one of these choices that might possible be in jeopardy ( due to accessibility and affordability) as abortion. That's why pro-choice will fight for abortion rights. But don't confuse that to mean it's the only choice we support. Far from it.

kat said...

LOL, REALLY? How So? Name one thing they are anti choice about? OH, wait, GUNS, they don't want crazy murderers, and criminals to be able to carry automatic weapons around, Right?

Anonymous said...

Exactly kat. That's probably the one thing that prolifers will point to first as an example of prochoicers being anti choice when it comes to guns.

Foolishly they fail to realize that one bites them in the butt even more. Prolifers being pro guns as hardly pro life!

I saw two signs recently that were posted on the same building "Jesus is king!" and right below it "We sell guns". The irony appears to be lost.