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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dr. at Catholic hospital....a fetus becomes a person when a woman empowers it....

 Lifestite News has an article about a Catholic hospital in Durango, CO,...Mercy Regional Medical Center who has an OB/GYN on staff for the past 44 years. Richard Grossman, MD   who says he is a  Quaker , however on Wednesdays he performs abortions at the local Planned Parenthood  Center. He is a prominent population control advocate who writes a column for the local paper. Catholics and others are upset and pressuring the hospital to take a stand. The hospital's response so far has been less than admirable. They say they are monitoring  the situation....what a cop out that statement is.  How long will they monitor this?
They also put out this  excuse...."The diocese also maintained that his service at the hospital was protected under federal anti-discrimination laws prohibiting sanctions against a doctor over his private practice.
Daniel Anguis, the executive of the pro-life group LifeGuard, is calling the church out. "“In the end Church leadership has to make a decision,” said Anguis.  “What is more damaging - getting sued? or continuing to materially cooperate with a proud Planned Parenthood abortionist?” Ouch!
But this story caught my eye for another reason. Dr. Grossman made what I recommend for  the most  outrageous statement of the week....or longer.

“The reason I perform abortions is because I’m a Christian,” Richard Grossman, a Quaker, told the Durango Herald after a similar protest outside Mercy Regional Medical Center last year.  “Personally, I believe in the strength, intellect and fortitude of women. When a woman says a fetus is a person, I think it is one. I believe the woman empowers the fetus.”
If the woman empowers the fetus, he/she becomes a person. God help us all.

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