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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Targeting the companies who cooperate and profit from abortion

I once heard a sermon from Fr. Pavone that the way to end abortion is for everyone to stop cooperating with abortion. It makes sense...from the workers building the center,  the landscaper, the cleaners etc etc. Why would we want to  make money from the business of murdering innocent human beings. Why would we want to make money from hauling away "abortion waste." 

You no doubt of have heard of Stericycle which is in the business of picking up "medical waste" for disposal. These  are the trucks that pull up to abortion mills  and haul away the remains. Not for a dignified burial of the body parts but to dispose of it as  "abortion waste."

An article the Reeves Report, a Canadian commentary makes fun of the groups that are targeting those who profit from the abortion business. But it makes sense....this company along with those who lease trucks to them are profiting from the abortion business. The article says someone has to haul away the "waste" and they say Stericycle will not walk away from the profitable business and if they did someone else will do it .
I wonder, were there stericycle trucks during the holocaust? 

"Undercover" photo of Stericycle disposing of "medical waste"
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