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Monday, July 18, 2011

Those who are about to die salute is pro abortion with a heart!!

 An amazing blog called Abortion Witness was sent to me. I had just come from visiting someone in ICU that is critically ill. He is receiving  loving care from medical personnel and family members. They are treating him  with dignity and honor. But the difference is they are endeavoring to save his life not end it by burning, dismemberment or suction evacuation.

This Abortion Witness blog outlines the feelings and viewpoints of someone who is not only an abortion advocate and activist  but  worked for 12 years in an abortion mill and is now an educator in IL.
She tries in this sample post called Abortion: A Motherhood Issue to make the slaughtering of one's own offspring honorable, moral and loving.

"In my opinion, abortion can be a good and moral act. A moral abortion is one performed in a caring environment where the mother, her loved ones, and her relationship to her child are honored and are the primary focus of the abortion care providers. "
It reminded me of the gladiators who would say to the Emperor  before fighting to their death for sport....those who are about to die salute you.

 She lists ways the  abortionists are so considerate of the innocents who are about to be chopped up that they allow the mother of the soon to be deceased to bring holy water to anoint the remains, keep the ultrasound photos, write letters and hold or view their dismembered child if they so choose. So  the abortionist who makes a living at intentionally causing the sudden ,grisly death of this  human being is respectful of the one  whose death will mean payday. Lovely, makes me feel better already!

"I believe that it is time for abortion activism to embrace these practices and to learn about how these abortion care workers treat death with honor and dignity. "
In another post she describes herself as pro abortion with a heart. See,  abortion is just one of the many decisions you make in your life concerning your children. Do you let them sleep with you, tell them that you are a lesbian, put them in an institution if they have a disability, take  the awesome responsibility of deciding if they are going to be born . Life is complicated and we have so many choices to make concerning our children. Just like the Facebook choice of your status.....It's complicated.  But not to worry... all decisions are made thinking of ME.

  Pro abortion with a heart, indeed! Sorry, it doesn't play.


Stacy Trasancos said...

I couldn't even read all of that. Sick. Sick. Sick. Do they even think about what they are really saying?

Anonymous said...

It is like gallows humor. To keep their sanity, this must think this way.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony was just exercising her decision as a mother that two years was long enough for Caylee to live.