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Friday, July 1, 2011

Thoughtful comment rings true...better than the story

Time   had a piece about new  KS  regulations for abortion shops  shutting down two clinics and PP only surviving at the 11th hour. The piece is not newsworthy but as is the case some of  the comments were better than the story.

One from Gregory Butkof of CT struck me as interesting...

"That's one too many.  We constantly hear that women in Saudi Arabia aren't allowed to drive.  This doesn't make sense to us.  But when in Iraq, I was asked by an Iraqi why American women kill their unborn babies. 

I really believe that abortion is our national crime.  The sooner it is ended, the better."

Note from  SCA: As someone who travels to Africa annually I can tell you they wonder the same about us.  They usually ask why we kill our babies and we are not even hungry... if they are starving to death, they give the last food to their children but you are not even hungry and you kill your babies in the womb. I have yet to answer their question.

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