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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TN: Memphis PP prez can boast comp above ave even in hard times

A look at the numbers shows another reason why Planned Parenthood of Memphis is so desperate to keep the government $$ coming in.  According to their most recent  published 990  financial information , the Memphis abortion facility paid their top executive Barry Chase more than  $121K .  They reported a revenue of approximately 2.8 million ...28% of that is from govt. grants i.e.our tax $$.

A recent survey of the Non Profit Times shows the average compensation for executives of similarly sized non profits at approximately $96, 500.  What qualities does Chase bring to his  job that justify compensation significantly above average when compared with other non-profit organizations?  Could it be his ability to keep the government cash coming when other Planned Parenthood affiliates are losing theirs?  

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