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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue you are maybe not so much....

 Terrible idea....this is sold online and  they claim that it is 95% accurate at 7 weeks pregnant. Well how do they know about all the aborted babies if they were accurate or not.

 Well they cover the ethical considerations by saying that they won't sell in China because they know that gender selection will happen and they won't sell in America unless the woman signs  a consent form agreeing not to use the results for gender selection. Sure, she will just abort for a different reason. Any follow up to see how many women purchase this and then abort. Of course not, I saw this covered on a news station and some of the comments from the emails were ridiculous.....this give her more  time to shop if she knows at 7 weeks if she has a boy or girl. Ya, right....33 weeks is needed to buy the pink/blue clothes! Really! Another viewer said this helps in the bonding process to know if you are pregnant with a boy or girl.....hmmmm, you bond differently? Even the doctor in the interview said this of course would lead to gender selection abortions.  He pointed out that some nationalities such as Asian have a strong preference for a boy and rightfully asks  why would a company manufacture such a product. What is the gain?
I agree. More time to shop.....different bonding, really!! Maybe Terry O'Neill needs to make a statement here. What about it Terry?

"Consumer Genetics Inc. a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company sells an "early gender" blood test called "Pink or Blue" online for $25 plus $265 or more for laboratory testing. It boasts of 95 percent accuracy, using a lab technique its scientists developed from the type of testing evaluated in the new analysis, said Terry Carmichael, the company's executive vice president.
Carmichael said the company sells more than 1,000 kits a year. He said the company won't test blood samples unless women sign a consent form agreeing not to use the results for gender selection.
The company also won't sell kits to customers in China or India because of fears of gender selection, he said."

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