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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feministe thinks it is creepy to offer services to help women and babies at CPCs...Huh?

From Jill
I just had to cross post this....what on earth....why oh why is this considered bad or creepy...that pro life crisis pregnancy centers would offer limited medical services to assist the moms and babies?? She chides them for not offering to Feminsite...Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms either although they  lie about it .... as in president Richards saying on national TV that they do.....!!
How terrible that they offer prenatal vitamins, prenatal care,  STI testing and eye exams. Isn't it a good thing to help the women???  PP offers STI testing....but no prenatal care,  of course. 

Like the worker at the abortion mill in NM said on tape when calling for an ambulance for the woman experiencing seizures during the abortion. Dispatcher: is she pregnant? Staffer: She was but not anymore!! See video at last Proliferations...hear it for yourself. No prenatal vitamins needed, huh! 

Disgusting Feministe

“The newest in creepy from crisis pregnancy centers”: Eek, women’s health clinics!

There’s another strategy that’s gotten less attention: an under-the-radar campaign by large anti-choice organizations, like the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates and Focus on the Family, to fund and guide the conversion of CPCs into licensed, limited-service medical clinics, ramping up their services to include pregnancy tests and ultrasound.
Although they offer only limited women’s health services – none offer mammograms, for instance – medical clinic status has led many to start offering early prenatal care, prenatal vitamins, STI testing and even eye exams. A few have started advertising pap smears.
~ Pro-abortion blogger Sarahat Feministe in a post entitled, “The Newest in Creepy from Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” August 19, quoting pro-abortion blogger Tanaat AlterNet

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