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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gender abortion worries even the abortion supporters....

Even the pro choice Jewish rabbi is having a problem with the new gender test that allows the pregnant mom news at 7 weeks gestation whether she is carrying a boy or girl. But his thinking is no consistent thread. 

  • He applauds the advancement in science that allows  this. Why?
  • He is pro choice and feels that a woman will make a good decision here  but does understand that she can be swayed by clever marketing. No kidding...
  • The Jewish thought is  that the fetus does not have as much moral significance as the born relatives...i.e. mom and dad but has enough moral significance to not be snuffed out because of his/her gender. Since scientists agree that life begins at conception, how do we set the moral significance scale? Who decides when moral significance reaches the let me live rating?
  • He points out what has happened in other countries with gender imbalance as this technology evolves-he calls it unfortunate. I'll say....
  • He is quickly points out (this is the Huffington Post you know) that abortion is sometimes in the best interest of the baby as well as parents and the rest of the family when ......he lists several possibilities that mean that the family would be terribly upset by the new addition.  Newsflash Rabbi...being dismembered  to death is never in the best interest of the baby....really.
  • He concludes with this sex selection abortion even in the first unjustified abortion.
Wow, the pro choice sometimes it is okay to kill your preborn baby is having a hard time with this one, he ends with this....
"It is not yet too late to reclaim our moral fiber."
Indeed, sir....I believe this test is shaking up the abortion is hard to justify but this is what we have come to with choice. After all the woman has dominion over the life in her womb...isn't that what Roe Vs. Wade is all about.

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