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Friday, November 18, 2011

Abortion doulas ask your birth sign during abortion

I read Jill Stanek's quote of the day  about abortion doulas and found  it  so outrageous that I clicked over and read the whole article. It was fascinating in a sad way.  

Doulas are usually associated with birth but these doulas specialize in abortions.  Trying to wrap your mind  around someone witnessing a late term abortion, seeing the head of the baby crushed and saying you were never more motivated to continue to assist in abortions is almost beyond comprehension. She  even  gives a shout out to  the pro lifers who show graphic abortion pics that people say are fake.

“Those pictures pro-life activists flash are real,” Ms. Mahoney said. “That is what a fetus looks like when its head is crushed. 

Abortion doula's ....guess that is what they mean when they advertise holistic abortions. They rub your back, play soft music,  assure you  and ask what your sign is (as in what is your birth sign) . They say this focuses the woman on herself instead of what she is doing and everyone likes to talk about themselves.

The article discusses  abortions in NYC, the abortion capital of the US.    Medicaid pays for abortions and they teach you how to commit insurance fraud. No wonder the Big Apple is broke.  NYC is the most dangerous place for a baby in the uterus since 40% end up in pieces prior to birth. Bloggers give you info on  abortion providers that reads like a restaurant review.

Ms. Mitchell estimated that doulas see about 15–20 later term abortions a week, and about 75 first trimesters. In training, the instructors explain that many women seeking abortions are nonetheless not politically pro-choice. She handed out flash cards with real-life situations. The first read: “A woman tells you, ‘I just killed my baby.’ How do you respond?” The students broke into groups to discuss the question. Many came up with a similar answer: Explain that the procedure is legal because the fetus is not a baby, it just has the potential to be one.
What is your sign? Most of the doulas in training say their sign is Earth.

pix: Jackie Snow

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