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Thursday, December 15, 2011

NextGen: Trusts FDA and young girls but not parents and drs.

University of PA NextGenJournal article takes exception to the HHS Secretary's decision to block OTC sales of the Morning After Pill or Plan B to minors under 17. Some of the amazing points of view decry that the govt. does not trust young girls!!

"The most disheartening aspect of this is the lack of trust the government puts in the decisions of young girls." 

I guess this is spin off of Trust Women.
"By politicizing sex and failing to trust teenagers to make responsible sexual choices, the Health Secretary and the President hurt reproductive justice."
We are talking about girls under the age of women, trust teenagers, trust pre teens, trust the FDA. Recognize the mantra....

Down on the Pharm blogger  Karen Brauer posts a comment about trust and faith that clarifies the matter for NextGen author....
"Should we not be protecting our children from those who think it's OK for 11 year olds to have sex, and buy a drug entity  which is  60 percent effective per use,  which is associated with virilization of female fetuses, increased susceptibility to STDs, and osteoporosis, and is not studied  in the pre-teen population? 

The FDA has "proven" nothing about the safety and efficacy of levonorgestrel 1.5mg  in pre-teens (or any other population).  This is not the function of the FDA.  It has ALSO  largely abandoned the practice of  analyzing evidence to establish sufficient safety and efficacy of  medical entities for the market.  The FDA is not succeeding at too much these days, except paper consumption.
In medical research, we accumulate evidence, but we do not provide proof.  One should never trust the grandiose  medical claims  in which the word "proven" or "proof" is used.

We should also not be placing faith in the FDA, which has mishandled the HUGE shortages of medically vital drugs and chemotherapeutic agents.   Lives have been lost and countless more are at risk because the drug supplies have become so unpredictable  that rational adaptations and substitutions  cannot be made in a timely manner.  Our government has been exacerbating this problem while it diddles with the desires of people who want sexual access  to the pediatric population."

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